The striking design. With the same driver complement as the Model One AS-3 Reference and Monitor speakers you have their strengths, alongside the ethereal quality given by a decoupled, over sized front baffle made of 25mm thick solid beech timber.

The Lens uses a specially designed slot port based on the Laval Nozzle gas flow design, giving a tightness of bass with zero port noise. The proprietary paper cone mid-bass driver is subtle tweaked to ensure it matches the cabinet perfectly, and the over sized baffle allows for incredible spatial information to be portrayed in a truly amazing way. Best of all that same baffle allows us to give even greater finish options.

You can leave the natural grain to show through, have it painted to match the rest of the cabinet, or even finished in a completely different colors - the choice is yours!

Finishing colors:  Black / White / Natural wood combination / high-gloss piano finish. 

All others colors on request and special order.


Type: Passive, Book-shelf.
Acoustic accomplishment: Bass reflex port on the back panel. "Laval Nozzle" construction design.
Finishing: Piano lacquer finish.
External dimensions, mm: 240 x 370 x 243
Acoustic transducers : 1.)  Contrast 1' Silk dome tweeter driver.
2)  Contrast 5.5' inch. paper cone Low range / Mid range driver.
Acoustic channels: 2.0
Connection interface: Spades and bananas, single-wire
Nominal impedance, Ohms (LENS V1, LENS V2): 16 / 11 
Power handling, Watt: 80
Sensitivity, dB(1W@1M):
Frequency range Hz: 36 – 20.000
Crossover filtering: The most minimal electronic crossover filtering network (clossover-less, natural cut-off, acoustic filtering approch). Crossover filter include only single one Mundorf capacitor only.
Frequency response of tweeter (Frequency cut), Hz: 10.000 
Recommended amplifier impedance (Ohm.): 6 / 8 / 16
Weight (pair), Kg.: 18.0