Our heart. Everything the Black Moon is, combined with everything the Lens is.
The drivers in the Soul are essentially the same as the rest of the Contrast range, but mildly tweaked to suit their use in the decoupled, oversized, 25mm thick solid beech timber baffle, with the cabinet slot ported using the Laval Nozzle principle. Get right to the heart of the music, without feeling like you’re using a surgical instrument to do so.

Whether your music is complex or simple, loud or quiet, the Soul will show you every part of your favourite pieces, but keep them all together, carefully arranged exactly the way the performer intended. Prepare to be swept away, surrounded by the incredible spatial information presented by our flagship! The Soul is an easy 4 ohm load and can be driven by as little as 3 watts!

Finishing colour: Black / Brown / high-gloss piano finish. 
All others colours on request and special order.


Type: Passive, Book-shelf.
Acoustic accomplishment: Bass reflex port on the back panel. "Laval Nozzle" construction design.
Finishing: Piano lacquer finish.
External dimensions, mm: 990 x 200 x 323
Acoustic transducers : 1. Contrast 1' Silk dome tweeter.
2. Contrast 5.5' inch. paper cone mid range driver.
3. Contrast 5.5' inch. balsa wood flat cone low range driver.
Acoustic channels: 3.0
Connection interface: Spades and bananas, single-wire
Nominal impedance, Ohm: 4
Power handling, Watt: 100
Sensitivity, dB(1W@1M):
Frequency range Hz.: 27 – 20.000
Crossover filtering: The most ultralight audio electronic crossover filtering.
Just only two Mundorf capacitors in crossover scheme.
Frequency response of tweeter (Frequency cut), Hz.: 10.000
Recommended amplifier impedance (Ohm.): 4 / 6 / 8 / 16
Weight (pair), Kg.: 62.0